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Electric motorcycle sales in Australia

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

In what I believe is a first, I am very excited to publish the most comprehensive and up to date analysis of electric motorcycle and scooter registration data in Australia.

Thanks to the amazing work of EV data detective Riz Akhtar from Carloop, I have completed a brand and model analysis in Australia and cross checks against other data sources, which I present for you here.

Before you dive in please note that as a niche of a niche, electric motorcycle data is in its infancy and we do not guarantee the accuracy of this data. I have been able to cross check many of these numbers by comparing to other known and trustworthy sources and I reckon it’s pretty damn close to real.

It’s also important to note that this is based on data up to 2022 year end, and obviously the availability, model range and volume has changed dramatically over time. In particular I know that a significant number of sales have occurred to fleets for some scooter brands and one major performance brand has been selling well since they arrived in 2023 too.


Overall, we believe that 6,561 electric two wheelers were road registered in Australia in 2022 and that this is an increase of around 30% on the previous year. Total motorcycle registrations of all types is just under 1 million machines, with electric two wheels making up a mere 0.69% of the fleet.

We also know that following international trends, 94% of our fleet is made up of scooters or low powered two wheelers which I call the “low power” segment. In our analysis we also tripped over the fact that Australia Post is now the proud operator of the largest electric fleet in Australia with more than 3,500 electric postal delivery vehicles registered, placing the Kyburz in the number one position on our rankings.

Swiss company Kyburz tells the story of winning the Australia Post contract here and I must admit I had no idea of the rich history of this company. The Kyburz DXP AU model is right on the fringe of our segment with a tiny 3.7kWp motor and 45kmh top speed, but its range of around 115km and payload capability are apparently a great fit for last mile deliveries.

It’s worth noting that in our analysis, 21% of electric two wheelers are classified as “Uknown” type or model and are in position number two in our rankings. Around 1300 machines are counted as an all-electric motorcycle or scooter, but that’s all we know about them.

Impressively, Michelle Nazari’s Fonz Moto retain the next position with almost 900 scooter and bikes registered showing the very real potential of the premium city bike segment and a testament to their real world success. In a delightful blast from the past, we also discovered 35 Vetrix scooters registered, presumably mostly the 2010 era machines!

I also want to give a big shout out to Bruce Crerar from Zen Motorcycles and Tobin Page from Australian Electric Motor Co. Together they have really ramped up the sale of multiple brands of electric motorcycles in Australia and both helped me cross check some of our data.

I love my performance electric bikes of course and as expected we make up around 3% of registrations. Livewire is the most popular with just under 100 bikes registered. Zero is next with 74 bikes and in 2022 Energica had landed 4 bikes down under, although this has already grown dramatically.

Interestingly I reckon the “mid power” segment is of a similar size to the performance segment in Australia with around 200 bikes registered. Arguably this would be a bit higher if I shifted Fonz Moto’s higher power bikes across which would be fair, but I don’t have their model breakdown.

EDIT: With new analysis, I feel obliged to reconsider the previous statement! Using average power ratings I have now reclassified and can confirm a significantly higher 941 Medium Power class bikes is my latest estimate, taking up an appreciable 14% of the total fleet. You can read a more detailed analysis about our latest statistics here

So what

Previously, virtually no data existed to help industry of buyers understand what’s going on the electric two wheeler segment down under, so I am delighted to share this information publicly so we can all make more informed decisions.

My goal is to continue to dive deeper as I get more data, show the trends over time and carefully understand the segments which exist. I hereby put the call out now to all manufacturers, importers, dealers or buyer to challenge my numbers if you believe they are incorrect, and hopefully they’ll get even more accurate over time.

Got information you want to share ? Contact me here

At a rough estimate, I reckon the total electric two wheeler segment is worth just under $40M in sales revenue and growing rapidly. The Low Power segment is naturally largest at an estimated $30M but the Performance segment is next at around $7M – although the volume is 34 times lower, the revenue is only 4 times lower. Personally, the mid power segment looks the worst because it has neither high value nor volume at this stage, although I do believe this will change as models and pricing evolves.

EDIT - To be more concise the previsou statement was a rough estimate of the value of the entire fleet or registered electric two wheelers. More data also allows a more refined estimate of these statistics which have now changed and can viewed in detail here.


EDIT : revised data set

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